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We are an Experienced UK Building Surveying Company

We are experienced building surveyors providing a variety of property surveys and RICS UK Home Buyers’ Reports to estate and letting agents, landlords, property managers and housing associations for commercial, domestic and public buildings while maintaining a strong and loyal client base. We aim to maintain unbeatable turnaround times at a competitive price.

A Home Buyers Survey is a comprehensive check on the condition of the property you are purchasing. The survey will provide you with peace of mind in your potential investment. Carried out by our RICS Surveyors, each level of survey will assess a variety of areas with a full RICS report produced at the end.

Level 1 Survey

Carried out by a qualified RICS Surveyor, a Condition Report describes the condition of a property, identifies any risks and potential legal issues and highlights any urgent defects. It is most suitable for new-build and conventional homes in good condition; no advice or valuation is provided in this survey.

Home Buyers Survey

This is a residential Survey that is suitable for conventional properties in reasonable condition. This will help you find out if there are any structural problems, such as subsidence or damp, as well as any other unwelcome hidden issues inside and outside. The report doesn’t look beyond the floorboards or behind the walls.

Level 3 Survey

This Survey provides the same level of in-depth inspection as a level 2 survey but uses a simple a clear presentation style and a 1, 2, 3 rating system to ensure that you can easily identify the most serious issues. This is mainly aimed at larger or older properties, or if you’re planning major works.

A detailed report produced by a RICS Surveyor provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property’s condition highlighting a range of issues which includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options. Included with the RICS Building Survey are advice sheets on how to deal with some of the more common problems that have been found at the property including an outline of repair options and the consequences of not dealing with any potential issues highlighted within the report.

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