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Abbie serves as one of our dedicated Project Administrator and is currently undertaking a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship. She brings with her a background in retail and customer service, where she cultivated exceptional communication skills and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Driven by a desire for personal and professional growth, Abbie made the decision to join Crawford and Co Surveyors. Her motivation stems from a desire to be part of a collaborative team and to embrace new learning opportunities.


  • Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship (In Progress)
  • Level 2 Extended Diploma in Performance (Dance)
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in Production (Dance)



Outside of her professional and educational pursuits, Abbie finds fulfilment in dance classes, where she channels her creativity and passion. She values the time spent with friends, engaging in social activities that nurture meaningful connections. Additionally, Abbie is an avid traveller, always eager to broaden her horizons through new cultural experiences

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