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Garry Li brings experience to the accountancy team, having served in various roles that have equipped him with a diverse skill set. In his current role as an Account Assistant, Garry is responsible for managing the company’s daily expense records, including colleague working time and work expenses. He handles accounts payable tasks, ensuring timely settlement of payments to the company’s suppliers. Additionally, Garry conducts bank reconciliations and maintains communication with customers to update the company’s accounts receivable.

Prior to his current position, Garry held the role of Senior Account Payable Clerk in Hong Kong. He managed accounts payable for all business sectors within the company, including hotel, food and beverage, property, and group finance.

Garry holds a Higher Diploma in Accountancy from Hong Kong, providing him with a strong educational foundation in his field.


  • Higher Diploma in Accountancy (Graduated in Hong Kong)



In his spare time, Garry finds enjoyment in playing football and engaging in the hobby of making plastic models. These activities serve as avenues for relaxation and personal fulfilment outside of his professional pursuits.

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