Retrofit PAS

Retrofit PAS


Our team is made up of fully qualified Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators, accredited through Elmhurst Energy and TrustMark registered. All the work we conduct is in line with PAS 2035 regulations.

We have 15 Retrofit Assessors.

Trustmark Approved.

Retrofit Assessments gather information and data about a property to help identify where there are areas of improvement that will increase the building’s energy efficiency. Our Trustmark approved and qualified retrofit assessors have experience and qualifications for Path A, B and C assessments, including accreditation for traditional, high rise, conservation and listed buildings. We have 15 retrofit assessors with a capacity of over 300 retrofit assessments a week.

We are certified to use Corelogic, EcoSurv, Elmhurst and Stroma, and all assessments carried out are in line with PAS 2035.

We have chartered building surveyors available for high risk buildings.

We have capacity for over 300 retrofit plans and week.

Qualified Retrofit Coordinators delivering a refined and cost-effective service

Our qualified Retrofit coordinators oversee all domestic retrofit projects to ensure they comply with PAS 2035. This quality management role is responsible for checking the project through from cradle to grave, and communicating between the client and the contractors.

We have the capacity for over 300 retrofit plans per week. Our retrofit coordinators have successfully lodged thousands of reports with Trustmark, you won't find a more refined and cost effective service.

Your designs produced quickly and accurately by our team.

Our Designers Are Also Qualified Retrofit Coordinators

The Retrofit Designer carries out the design dependent on the project pathway chosen. Our Retrofit Designers are qualified Retrofit Coordinators, accredited with CIOB and RICS, with experience in all pathway requirements.

We have extensive knowledge in all insulation and heating measures and renewables, and produce designs quickly and accurately.

A quality assurance role with all eyes on the final retrofit project.

Trained To Evaluate the Retrofit Project.

The evaluator oversees the final project and has the skills and knowledge to understand why a project may not have delivered the expected outcome.

Our Evaluators are separate from Coordinators to ensure a transparent view of the full project.

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