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Amal is a dedicated professional within Crawford and Co Surveyors, specialising in retrofit assessment tasks such as condition surveys and energy performance assessments. With a background as a Civil Engineer, Amal brings a wealth of technical expertise and practical knowledge to his role.

Prior to joining Crawford and Co Surveyors, Amal worked as a Civil Engineer, where he gained valuable experience in the field. His decision to transition into retrofit assessment was driven by a desire to expand his knowledge, qualifications, and experience in this specialised area. Amal chose Crawford and Co Surveyors due to its reputation for providing excellent support in career progression, recognising it as the ideal environment to further his career in retrofitting.


  • Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering
  • Masters in Structural Engineering


In his leisure time, Amal enjoys traveling to new destinations and participating in sports activities. These hobbies allow him to relax, explore new cultures, and stay physically active outside of his professional responsibilities.

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