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As a Project Coordinator at Crawford and Co Surveyors, Amir plays a pivotal role in various aspects of projects. His responsibilities include creating Energy Performance Reports (EPRs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), developing strategies for properties, and ensuring the quality assurance of EPRs and Post EPCs completed by other surveyors.

Before joining Crawford and Co Surveyors, Amir worked as a Construction Manager on residential construction projects for three years. This experience provided him with valuable insights into project management within the construction industry. Subsequently, he pursued further education and completed a Master of Construction Project Management at Birmingham City University, UK.

Amir was drawn to Crawford and Co Surveyors due to its excellent reputation in retrofit projects. He saw it as an opportunity to broaden my experience and take on new challenges within this industry. Additionally, the company’s commitment to providing professional development opportunities, such as attending various courses, further fuelled his interest in joining.


  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
  • Masters in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Griffith University, Australia.
  • Masters in Construction Project Management, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom.


In his spare time, Amir enjoys watching football games, hanging out with friends, and most importantly, spending quality time with his family. These activities allow him to relax, unwind, and recharge outside of work responsibilities.

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