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    • Leadership
    • Team Manager


As one of the Office Managers at Crawford & Co, Jonathan’s responsibilities encompass overseeing the entire process of retrofit schedules, ensuring smooth operations from inception to completion. Additionally, he manages our extensive client base, which includes estate agents, councils, housing associations, and energy companies.

Jonathon’s background primarily lies in flood protection, where I gained comprehensive experience in various facets of the sector, including defence systems, surveys, sales, and office management.

Jonathon was attracted to Crawford and Co Surveyors due to its outstanding reputation and distinction in the industry. The company’s excellent star rating and renowned status made it an ideal fit for me, aligning perfectly with his professional aspirations.



  • Built Environment – Level 3
  • Property Flood Resilience Training for surveyors course


In his spare time, Jonathon prioritises his health and well-being by attending the gym. He also enjoys mountain biking, being outdoors and staying active. Additionally, he enjoys sunny holidays, appreciating the relaxation they offer.

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